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2023 Retrain Expo Seminar Programme

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Diversity, Courage and Authentic Leadership

22 Nov 2023
Seminar Theatre 6

This is our story of how we bounced back to running a company through employing many young engaged employees, delivering high quality results.

Our company lost all contracts within 3 weeks during covid and we became furloughed. My business partner found a contracting position which meant I could also return to work. With the Aerospace Industry closing down almost overnight, which is where the main source of our income was derived, we needed to look for new sources of income.

During covid the government created the Kickstart Scheme to help young persons between the age of 16 and 25, who were in danger of not being able to enter the workforce, so we (Liberty360 Limited) took the opportunity to apply. We were lucky to find a gateway company that believed in us and we were able to take 25 kickstart positions. This was later broadened to 50 and the end number of kickstart employees through our company was 48.

The criteria for the scheme included giving them career help in any form that would be beneficial. We had the option to outsource the careers progression part of the programme to the Gateway, however due to my background as a Senior Practitioner Coach having worked with careers and transitions for many years abroad in Norway, we chose to run this part of the programme ourselves. We used it as a unique team building opportunity and a way to develop the young employees and our company internally, laying the foundations for future growth.

Of the first group of 25 Kickstarters 91% gained career positions on leaving Liberty360 Limited. (We are now looking at the figures now of where the Kickstart Employees are approximately a year later).

The story of the  courage, the fun, the challenges the passion the creativity and the motivation of the young persons deserves to be told. The first group mostly had a University Education in various subjects and were from all over the country. The second group were closer to home and many had a standard state education.

We have learnt a great deal and would love to share this and the story of how we grew our business through diversity, courage and authentic leadership.  

Today we continue to work often with employability schemes and Educational institutions gaining valuable knowledge and help from young persons with different perspectives on the world today.

Our experience, leveraging diversity of young talent through authentic leadership in times of uncertainty and change in a virtual world.

Ann Elisabeth Seach, CEO - Liberty360 Limited
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