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2023 Retrain Expo Seminar Programme

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From Imposter to Empowered: Worry Less & Have More Success

23 Nov 2023
Seminar Theatre 6

Join Sarah at this valuable and insightful webinar to learn how to take control of the ‘Imposter’ led mindset, the impact this has on our effectiveness & how to develop an unshakeable self-belief which will lead you and your organisation to an explosion of opportunities.

Would you like to develop the confidence and skills that help you and your organisation become an irresistible magnet for success?

Then come and join me and find out the benefits of and how to develop a highly fulfilling, effective growth mindset that leads to an explosion of opportunities and success.

Over 70% of us are impacted by Imposter Syndrome at some stage in our careers.

The more responsibility and the more success we have, the worse it can get.

It is one of the best kept secrets in the boardroom and it’s causing ‘havoc’ in a number of ways, not just at a senior leadership level but throughout organisations.

Here’s some fact about Imposter Syndreome that might interest you:

❌It is not a superpower, it does slow us down and stop us from being as effective as we could be.

❌If ignored it can (and does) limit our potential and slow us down or prevent us from achieving our goals.

❌It contributes significantly to organisational running costs (reducing profitability) because of the effect Imposter Syndrome has on our mental and physical health leading to higher absenteeism, presenteeism and attrition rates.

It shows up for many reasons and in several ways like:

Sarah will share her unique 5-step system that helps her clients feel more fulfilled and achieve the success they want and deserve.

1.Feeling like a fraud

2. Negative self-talk

3. Fear of failure

4. Limited beliefs

5. Lack of motivation

6. Resistance to change

The mindset driving these behaviours holds us back from trying new things or challenging ourselves, which prevents us from growing and learning and being as effective as we could be…..this is pure self-sabotage in motion.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What is Imposter Syndrome
  • Where it comes from
  • The impact it has on us personally and professionally.
  • How to take control of it and live a more fulfilling, happier, healthier and successful life without limits!
  • You will also get access to bonus gifts that will only be available to those who attend the seminar.
Sarah Farmer, Global Executive Coach - EMR Consulting Limited
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