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2023 Retrain Expo Seminar Programme

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Starting a business: DIY start-up vs License vs Franchise

23 Nov 2023
Seminar Theatre 5

Your speaker today, Peter Lisney, first invested in a consulting franchise in 2003, but before the end of the decade the franchisor had sold the business and it subsequently failed under the new management. Why?

Roll the clock forward to 2020. Whilst running a reasonably successful business he’d set up in an unrelated sector, commercial utility broker Utilitrack’s CEO invited Peter to invest in his franchise. Peter said yes. Why?

In this seminar, Peter will tell you his experiences of setting up and running his own business versus investing in a franchise. Along the way, he’ll also tell you about Utilitrack’s journey from a licenced model to a franchise model.

What will work best for you? It all depends. But hearing Peter’s story might help you make your decision.

Peter Lisney, Commercial Energy Broker - Utilitrack Ltd
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