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2023 Retrain Expo Seminar Programme

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How Trauma Might Be Holding Back Your Workforce: A Personal Perspective

22 Nov 2023
Seminar Theatre 6

Collectively over the last decade we have experienced multiple traumatic experiences, from the harrowing events of the London bombings to the COVID pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis. These events affect people in different ways, and we are already seeing unparalleled demands on mental health services alongside economic fallout. With less availability for appointments and support from mental health professionals, people are often left with nowhere to turn whilst still being expected to perform at home and at work. Is it any wonder that our workforce is disillusioned and chronically stressed?


Gaining an understanding of trauma in the workplace will help organisations to support their staff and build resilience. Drawing on her personal story, Shrina Purohit, CEO & Founder of Cead Consulting, outlines the impact of trauma in the workplace and what organisations can do to better support their employees, increasing staff retention and productivity.

Shrina Purohit, CEO - Cead Consulting
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