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2024 Retrain Expo Seminar Programme

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Achieving your goals without losing yourself along the way

14 Nov 2024

In the pursuit of business and professional success, it can be normal to pin your vision and dreams to a destination where goals will be achieved, everyone will be fulfilled, and business will keep on growing. What if that destination is not actually your destination or business performance to be accomplished? James is no stranger to how purpose and patience leads to personal, professional, and business success, and in this thought-provoking talk, he shows audiences the value of recognising and embracing identity and brand, the ability to create ambitious yet achievable goals and targets, and the importance of setting realistic plans to achieve sustainable rewards and outcomes. This engaging session is ideal for businesses and their teams/leaders who want to inspire their people towards a vision, with a plan that allows every individual to bring their unique skills and performance.



James Perryman, Managing Director - Momentus
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