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2024 Retrain Expo Seminar Programme

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How do you make organisational change inclusive and successful?

13 Nov 2024
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Scared So What is the world’s 1st bespoke personal change model complete with a technology solution that meets the needs of personal change management wherever people are.  The model focuses on guiding people to learn how to manage personal change for themselves in two parts.  Part one is understanding your feelings so you can make an informed decision vs an assumptive one.  Part two is then building on that decision and making your own personalised action plan to execute the change in the way that you want.  Put together, Scared So What makes organisational change management inclusive by incorporating the needs and outcomes of the individual.  It makes employee engagement more inclusive because you are helping the individual play a part in all change processes.

Organisational change management comes with high failure rates, employee dissatisfaction, faltering engagement, survey fatigue, poor performance, and can even lead to quiet quitting.  In our global research when we use the Scared So What model, we reduce change failure by making the change process inclusive and successful for all involved.  

With our UK customer engagement and support, we’ve pioneered our first and second generation apps to give employees the ability to manage personal change via iOS and Android and a desktop version as well.  The new programme is called Scared So What PRO.  This system also comes complete with an Account Management System (AMS) that allows the organisation digital insights into the change culture live in real time.  Thus no longer needing post change surveys to understand the needs of individuals within.   Additionally, SSW offers their unique Certified Instructor programme allowing for the transfer of knowledge into the organisation for coaching support and employee adoption and embedding.  

The Scared So What model and methodology are accredited through:

ITOL:  The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning

UK CPD:  The certified Professional Development centre

The Oxford Review has given full endorsement.

Learn more about the Scared So What model and offerings at
Grant Van Ulbrich, Founder, Author, Coach, TEDx Speaker - Scared So What
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