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2024 Retrain Expo Seminar Programme

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Step Into Your Power: Own Your Confidence To Enhance Your Earning Potential!

13 Nov 2024
Seminar Theatre 6

The "Step into Your Power: Own Your Confidence To Enhance Your Earning Potential!" seminar is your invitation to a transformative experience. Imagine taking that leap of faith, trusting in yourself even when the staircase up is obscured. Join Vanessa, a qualified confidence coach, multi-award-winning international speaker, and No.1 bestselling co-author of “Can’t Break Me”, to redefine confidence as more than just a feeling — it's a rock-solid belief in your potential, even amidst uncertainty. Come along and arm yourself with tools for growth, discover the following:

  • Transformative Experience - engage in a seminar designed to be more than just a talk—it’s a journey towards redefining and mastering confidence

  • Comprehensive Blueprint - gain access to a detailed blueprint for self-mastery that will help you understand and build unshakeable confidence

  • Real-World Applications - learn about various factors affecting confidence and get practical advice on how to thrive and excel in diverse situations

  • Goal Achievement - discover effective techniques for overcoming obstacles, which will empower you to attack and achieve your goals with increased enthusiasm

  • Actionable Insights/Building Confidence - understand the equation belief + action = better results and learn how to apply this to enhance your earning potential

  • Interactive Learning - participate in an interactive session where you can ask questions, engage with like-minded individuals, and apply what you’ve learned in real-time.

Vanessa Frater-Robertson, Confidence Coach, Multi-Award-Winning International Speaker, and no.1 bestselling co-author - Vanessa Frater Robertson Coaching
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