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2024 Retrain Expo Seminar Programme

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Unlocking Change, Creativity, Collaboration and Culture with Applied Neuroscience

13 Nov 2024
Seminar Theatre 5

Performance, leadership, and healthy culture are the keys to thriving organisations. Many organisations fail to achieve these, not because people are not willing, but because the lack basic information about

  • how learning and change happen and how to support them
  • the brain biases that will cause change to fail
  • how and why emotions arise
  • what the brain needs to optimise function

Come to this seminar to learn about how applied neuroscience can be used to create the building blocks of sustainable change, at every level of your organisation.

Hear about accessible concepts from this dynamic field that can be used to shift thinking, enhance communication, change navigation, creative thinking, develop your leadersship and more.  Even if you have no previous experience of the topic, this bite size brain science seminar will use accessible examples and terms to introduce you to how organisational neuroscience can help you and your team.

Deirdre Morrison, Applied Neuroscience facilitator, educator and coach - NeuroCreative Studio
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