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17 Sep 2021

5 Ways To Create The Perfect Home Office

5 Ways To Create The Perfect Home Office

To work from home effectively, the space you work in will make all the difference. Maximise your chance of success with our top 5 ways to create the perfect home office.

Make your home office a space you want to be in

This will vary for everyone but consider what you need to be the most productive. If you’re trying to get a lot done quickly, dim lights and incense probably won’t help. Invest in a good chair and desk. Get a good balance between style and functionality, adding personal touches to boost your mood.

Keep your home office free of clutter

You will do your best work in a neat, tidy, clutter-free office. Invest in helpful storage solutions – and use them! Set time in your schedule for clearing and tidying your space; knowing where everything is can help you stay calm and focused while working.

Equip your home office to meet your needs

Make sure you have everything you need to get the job done. The right technology can make all the difference to your work and productivity. You might want to consider upgrading your internet connection or having a dedicated work phone number.

Utilise the space effectively

Measure the space before buying furniture and invest in innovative storage solutions that don’t take too much room. If you’re working with limited space, consider devices that have multiple functions. If you have the luxury of a larger space, make sure you maximise its potential. Consider having different areas for different purposes, such as a refreshment area, desk space, guest area, etc.

Plan for potential distractions

Working from home can be easier said than done for many people. Partners, children, even the doorbell can bring distractions you didn’t have in the office. Clearly defining the boundaries of your workspace and your working hours; perhaps getting a Do-Not-Disturb door sign will help manage this inevitability. Be strict with yourself. Plan your schedule and stick to it.

Following these top tips will help you create the perfect home office. If you find your spare room just isn’t enough, consider a garden room tailored to your needs. This will ensure you have the ideal space for your requirements, separate from the main house and all its distractions.

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