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28 Feb 2023

Business Breakthrough Day - Intensive Full-Day VIP Coaching

Julia Ngapo Business Coaching

Are you impatient to get the ball rolling as far as your business transformation is concerned but lack clarity, direction, and focus?

Would you welcome the opportunity to step away from working IN your business for a day allowing you, instead, to focus on working ON it?

My Business Breakthrough Day is an intensive full-day programme of VIP coaching and will empower you with the tools, actionable strategies, and mindset you need for business success, whether you are just starting out, looking to grow an existing business, or are a leader keen to develop your strategy or improve performance.

Suitable whether you are just starting out, looking to scale an existing business, or are a leader or executive in a larger organisation, the day’s focus is designed around your specific needs and requirements.

Typically, we will meet in a beautiful location close to you, because calm, beautiful environments are always inspiring! We will set our goals for the day over coffee, and enjoy a delicious lunch together (included in the cost)

The timings of the day can be adapted to suit you and your family and other commitments.

Here’s what a typical day might look like:

For those starting out:

We may start by focusing on your business vision. We will look at the main pillars upon which any successful and sustainable business is built including finance, marketing, pricing, and processes. In addition, we will focus on YOU, the business owner.  Using a variety of coaching techniques, I will help you dispel any blocks you are experiencing and gain clarity, ensuring that you are confident, resilient, and business-ready!

For those who have been in business for a while:

I will help you identify the areas of your business requiring attention. This will inform our day’s activity. We might, for example, work together to create a marketing plan or work on your long-term business strategy, clarifying your vision and goal setting. We may spend some time on leadership skills, improving your time management, productivity, or organisational skills, or perhaps reviewing systems and processes.

For Senior Executives and Leaders

As the saying goes, it can be lonely at the top. A day spent away from the demands of calls, emails, staffing, fire-fighting, and the challenges of any normal day is invaluable.

Together, we will establish the areas where you need support; be that team performance, succession planning, strategy creation, and development, or in identifying your own strengths and weaknesses and creating a plan for improvement. 

I will support you in making a tangible difference to your approach, your perspective, improving your leadership and management skills, and ensuring that you are able to communicate your vision and values to your team, moving forward with motivation and momentum.

Whether starting out, growing an existing business, or wishing to focus on leadership, a VIP coaching day is the fast-track coaching that will get you results and fast-track you to business success.

It will give you the actionable steps and support you need to create momentum, gain focus, and propel your business forward.