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Leadership teams function best when:

•Every member of the team understands what business contribution best suits their natural energies

•Each person understands, appreciates and can harness the contribution of colleagues

•Everyone is playing to their strengths by leading areas that suit their natural energies

•The team understands when they need additional contributions and is able to quickly identify where they might be found, either within or outside of the business.


Leadership teams that can rapidly and effectively collaborate with maximum energy to deliver business priorities are the ones who are most likely to achieve them. The problem is, many leadership teams don’t have the data needed to understand who has the greatest energy to make an impact on key actions. As a result, they may not lead effectively and therefore fail to meet their potential.


This workshop uses The GC Index® to provide the data that shows the natural energies of the entire team. This provides a framework for improving collaboration and identifying the actions needed to deliver the business priorities. Going forward, the team is then equipped to consistently and easily play to their strengths. This provides them with a powerful competitive edge and significantly upgrades their effectiveness.




•An empowered leadership team where every member’s impact is valued

•Increased and more effective collaboration

•More efficient use of leadership resource and talent

•A heightened focus on business outcomes and results

•Increased confidence and improved self-awareness

•Tangible actions that will enhance the effectiveness of the leadership team