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Coaching by Susanna

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  • | Professional Coaching
Coaching by Susanna

Susanna is a transformational life and career coach dedicated to helping corporate professionals and leaders create and live fulfilling and successful lives they love, in alignment with their authentic selves. With a worldly perspective gained from her experiences working in the corporate sector across the globe, both in large and startup technology organisations, she possesses a deep understanding of individuals and the dynamics of the corporate world.


As the visionary behind 'Coaching by Susanna,' she not only provides expert 1:1 coaching but also amplifies inspiring success stories through wellness retreats, corporate speaking engagements, leadership coaching, in person day events, and online masterclasses.


Susanna firmly believes that everyone has the power to create a life and career they are passionate about, guided by clear intentions, the right mindset, and the determination to turn their goals into reality.


For the past 15+ years she has worked in the corporate world working for some incredible companies such as Citrix, VMWare, Salesforce, WalkMe to name a few, helping companies and individuals succeed in their digital transformation journeys. It’s through her own journey of self discovery, and wanting to understand ‘who I am’, that she recognised she loved helping PEOPLE, the people behind these companies to realise their wants and desires and to achieve their desired outcomes from a place of knowledge and awareness.


She helps clients do this by:


✅ Using a 6-step framework to give you clarity about your career and life and work through fears and limiting beliefs that you are holding you back; which could include confidence, anxiety, stress, overwhelm and burnout. 


✅ Through tailored 1:1 sessions I help you go deeper into your self-awareness and aid you to identify blind spots, positively challenge you and keep you on track to reach your goals. 


✅ Help you gain momentum, accountability and structure to support you in your journey to meet your goals.


✅ Accelerating your path to success by being your champion to support you through the process. 


✅ Reduce the time needed to meet your goals


She now lives, works and travels around the globe helping corporate professionals and leaders through her tailored 1:1 coaching programs and wellness retreats. She's truly living her life by her design!


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