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EMR Consulting Ltd

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EMR Consulting Ltd

Sarah is a Global Executive Coach and founder of EMR Consulting Ltd.

She has worked with over 500 hundred leaders and their teams helping them achieve outstanding results like:

Growing the company value from £5M to £30M a

Improving profitability by 40% which equated to an additional £10 Million in revenue.

Getting 4 job offers in 4 weeks.

Exceeding onboarding expectations.

Increasing monthly revenues by 250%

She specialises in working with senior leaders and C suite executives returning to work post redundancy or transitioning into new roles who are highly competent but impacted by Imposter Syndrome.

Her book LEADER UNLEASHED is an AMAZON best seller. The book focuses on her EAGLE 5-step system that helps leaders take control of self-limiting beliefs, develop self-awareness, confidence, and resilience to exceed onboarding expectations and become one of the most highly valued members of the executive team in the first 90 days.

Sarah is on a mission to inspire and develop over 10,000 leaders in the next 10 years so they feel confident & empowered to create fulfilling, high performance cultures that are underpinned by a culture of respect and dignity so everyone can thrive.

Sarah works with her clients either 1:1 or in small groups (in-house only).

Her signature programs are as follows:

1. EAGLE Development program 

Building confidence, resilience, and skills for greater control over professional and personal success.

2. LEADER UNLEASHED: Onboarding Excellence

Become one of the most highly valued members of the executive team in your first 90 days helping you get hired and stay hired.

3. ELITE Leader Program

Mindset, confidence, and advanced leadership skills development for leaders who are serious about being great leaders and achieving stand out results.

4. Emotional Intelligence Development Program

A highly insightful short course consisting of a robust 360 highlighting strengths and areas for development across 96 granular behaviours that underpin the 4 main EI competencies.

This is available 1:1 and as part of a group leadership development program.

Sarah is available as an inspiring and motivational speaker covering a wide variety of topics from:

Taking control of Imposter Syndrome

Leadership Superpowers

Exceeding Onboarding Expectations

The psychological impact of Change

Psychological safety: How to create highly fulfilling, high performance cultures

The power of effective communication - communicate with impact and influence

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