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The Heart Project

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The Heart Project - Life Coaching

The Heart Project was born from the understanding that each one of us holds dreams and ambitions that are unique. That we’re capable of achieving whatever we put our minds to, and that sometimes we need that extra help to release the blockages that are stopping us from fully embodying them.

Is The Heart Project coaching programme for you?

If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely a passionate and driven person who feels like there’s something they’re meant to do, but just haven’t found the way to do it - yet. Maybe it’s an idea for a business you’ve long been wanting to start, a career progression or a collection of passions that you don’t know how to put into action. Either way, you know that you’re meant to do something that really sets your heart on fire. 

As your life coach, I can help you to not only discover your path to success and achieve those really exciting dreams, but help you to unlock your true capabilities so that you can move forward into sustainably creating the life you’ve always wanted.

Why should you choose life coaching?

For many people, they spend their lives feeling that there’s something they were made to do. Whether that’s a passion, a business idea or a creative project. And like a lot of people, you might spend a lot of time feeling stuck or unfulfilled, and it can feel difficult to leave a well-trodden path or reach for your dreams when you don’t know how. Life coaching is about finding out what those dreams are and not only moving towards them, but creating a path of sustainable and long lasting success.

Within The Heart Project, I’ll work with you to understand what it is that you truly want to be doing, and help you find a way to make that dream into a reality. And don’t worry, I understand that change is scary, especially when it comes from something that feels very personal to us. Within our time together, you’ll be given the tools and resources that you need to make these essential changes, as well as the support and confidence that is essential in creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. Life coaching isn’t just about changing jobs or finding something that you’re good at, it’s about stepping into your power today, so that you can have an incredible tomorrow.

My coaching approach 

I have designed a full programme of up to 10 hours of coaching. Our sessions will typically last for 1-hour, apart from the first session and any check-ins. We’ll start by discussing any reflections or insights that you’ve had since the start of your journey with me, which will then help us to set an agenda for the session and thus, make sure we’re using our time together in the most helpful and effective way possible. One of the most important aspects of our work is the willingness and ability to remain open to what can show up. Sometimes our work together can bring up some unexpected or uncomfortable feelings. If these do appear, you’ll be supported throughout the session and helped to understand these emotions on a deeper level. To finish the session, we’ll think about the important aspects to take into your time ahead and any ‘homework’ that we both feel could be useful (for example, actions or behaviours that would be helpful in order to achieve your goals). 

Everyone’s journey is unique. Which means that when you take part in The Heart Project coaching pragramme, you’ll receive support that’s tailored towards you and your specific needs. Whether that’s working out what it is that you truly want to do, breaking down the barriers that are stopping you from achieving your goals or releasing the untapped potential that already lies within you. I’ll provide you with all the tools and support to help you start this new journey feeling strong, empowered and ready to take action. My coaching philosophy is centred around authenticity and empowerment. I believe that real change is possible for every single person, and that sometimes it just takes a helping hand to achieve it.

What are your next steps?

Is life coaching right for you? Are you still on the fence? Would you like to know a little more? Let’s chat. My free consultation call can give you all the answers you need to take the next steps, as well as discuss how life coaching really works. It’s a chance for you to ask any questions, share your thoughts and feelings and talk about what changes you want to see in your life.

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