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Review Training

  • | Training and Coaching

The Review group has decades of staffing and recruitment experienced gained with a very wide range of small, medium and blue-chip companies covering the technology, banking, public sector, logistics and security vetting sectors. 

Review Training offer courses on subjects such as; Sales, Customer Service, Office 365, Project Management, Retail, Hospitality, Well-being  and much more.

“Effective training builds stronger teams which are equipped with the skills needed to ensure your organisation excels”

All courses are live events and unlike many training systems these are not point and click, multiple choice static web based but interactive courses which offer classroom level interaction. Completion of a course provides certification and builds more valuable employees.

As your people are not traveling to outside providers, we can even help you calculate your carbon offset making this an intelligent answer to developing your teams and making your company stronger.

In recent years, the business landscape has undergone a significant transformation with the rise of remote and hybrid working arrangements. As a result, the methods of accessing learning have also evolved. We understand the dissatisfaction with dull e-Learning approaches and the passive experience of tuning in to monotonous webinars. That's why we prioritise delivering learning events that are highly interactive, engaging, and conducted live, 

Our aim is to ensure that participants actively engage with the content and the facilitator, fostering an environment that promotes effective learning. Gone are the days of one-sided lectures and passive absorption of information. We believe in capturing the attention of our audience, encouraging their active participation, and facilitating better knowledge retention.

Furthermore, we offer businesses the opportunity to provide their employees with unlimited access to our learning events. This allows individuals to personalise their learning journey, accessing the content at their own convenience and pace. Our approach recognises and respects different learning styles and schedules, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of the learning experience and supporting continuous professional development.

By combining interactivity, live sessions, and unlimited access, our interactive webinars address the shortcomings of traditional e-Learning and other webinars. We acknowledge the importance of active engagement and customisation, providing a dynamic and enriching learning environment for participants.

Training modules

Our on-line webinar training courses are broken down into modules. In total your subscription unlocks over 200 live webinar courses.

Subscription choices provide whoever you choose in your organisation access to these live courses, you simply decide how many employees you want to develop.

After a simple sign up process they may then choose from any of the courses within the following modules.

All that is needed is a stable web connection, a laptop, desktop or tablet, course times are displayed on our training portal site allowing your teams to choose where and when they want to take the training.

Each emlployee then builds a record of their traing ability, and as our provider is an approved CPD member all traing counts towards their Continuing professional development.

The subscription model gives your people unlimited access to all of the modules shown on this site. Courses can be taken repeatidly as needed.

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