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  • | Training and Coaching

Unboxd: Elevating Diversity, Enriching Inclusion


Unboxd stands at the forefront of diversity and inclusion as a trans-led training and consultancy firm, dedicated to aiding organizations in achieving their EDI objectives. Our commitment is rooted in the belief that true inclusion arises from humanizing and celebrating trans lives, fostering understanding through education, personal narratives, and an open, inclusive approach to learning.



At Unboxd, our mission is to amplify unheard voices and advance inclusion through person-centered dialogue, compassion, and understanding. We deliver tailored diversity solutions that cater to unique organizational needs, aiming to empower businesses to make a positive impact on the world.



Our diverse range of services is designed to meet your specific requirements. Unboxd offers bespoke and pre-packaged training bundles for senior leaders, HR managers, and EDI representatives. Our comprehensive process ensures that your diversity and inclusion aims are not only met but exceeded.


Key Offerings:


Calendar Awareness Dates:

Stay informed and foster continuous dialogue on diversity and inclusion with our calendar awareness dates. These sessions keep your team engaged in meaningful conversations throughout the year. We are available for any type of public speaking event that you may want to do to celebrate these days at your workplace. We can find the right speaker for you! 


Creative Consultancy:

Unlock confidential expertise tailored to your needs. Let us explore how our bespoke solutions can help you achieve your aims.


Interactive Training Workshops & Programs:

Engage in group sessions designed to explore gender identity, transgender, and non-binary inclusion. Our training ensures practical, relevant, and sustainable outcomes, putting attendees at ease, and is delivered in a way that is understanding of everyone's learning.


Coaching & Support:

Experience personalized 1:1 coaching sessions that focus on various aspects of transitioning at work as well as learning to live in your authenticity, with an emphasis on the mental health and well-being challenges faced by gender-diverse individuals. Coaching is also available for managers who are working to make their teams more inclusive. 


Lunch & Learn:

Our lunch and learn sessions are conducted as individual 1-hour webinars, accommodating up to 30 participants per session. Packages are available, with the option for in-person sessions at an additional fee.


Pride is not just once a year at Unboxd – it's a continuous commitment to fostering diversity, promoting inclusion, and creating lasting positive change. Join us on this transformative journey towards a harmonious and thriving workplace.


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