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Alison Thomas

Alison Thomas

Posture and ergonomics consultant and trainer, The Safety Elf

Alison Thomson, a.k.a The Safety Elf, is inspired by making a difference to people. In a world of checklists and compliance, Alison instead brings an enthusiastic, holistic and human approach to the way people interact with their technology and their workspace, to help improve their experience and understanding of their wellbeing at the workstation – wherever and whatever that may be. 


Recovery from an accident as a teenager inspired Alison to learn more about how to support and work with our bodies to be more comfortable and productive. Small changes made a big difference to how her body felt and functioned, and she went on to develop her professional knowledge about posture, workstations, human factors and ergonomics.

The result – Alison is on a mission to share her passion and expertise for posture so businesses and individuals can thrive in their work environment (and you don’t have to get injured first!)