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Dr. Alka Patel

Dr. Alka Patel

Lifestyle Medicine Doctor and Longevity Coach, Lifestyle First
United Kingdom

Dr Alka Patel, international award winning keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, GP, Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, Longevity Coach, Author and Podcaster, amplifies health as a skill and an asset so that inspired individuals and bold businesses can create Transformational Lifestyle Changes for happy, healthy living and connected workplace wellness ' we all need TLC!

Her TEDx talk "Health is a Verb, Not a Noun" evokes the emotion behind the need to create health as a skill.'

Dr Patel is the founder of Lifestyle First', host of the Lifestyle First Podcast and Creator of The Lifestyle First Method' - a 10 point blueprint for heightened health and lengthened longevity.

She helps speakers to self-care, leaders to leverage health and wellness in business and passionate changemakers to live longer, younger, stronger.

Her own biological age is almost 30 years younger than her chronological age.