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Deirdre Morrison

Deirdre Morrison

Applied Neuroscience facilitator, educator and coach, NeuroCreative Studio

With an uncommon breadth of experience, spanning art & design, consumer products for export, and developing small businesses into a very solid anchoring rope with applied neuroscience at its core.

In real terms, this means that She specialises in translating complex neuroscience concepts into practical, interactive, and user-friendly strategies for real-world application. She helps organisations create sustainable 

change by tapping into the field of applied neuroscience, through workshops, facilitated group work, 1-1 development programmes for leaders and change-makers, and strategic consultancy.

Deirdre is a certified neurotransformational practitioner, and a Master Neuroplastician, awarded by the Institute of Organisational Neuroscience. She specialises in facilitating self-directed neuroplasticity - ie, she helps people understand how to create the change they want to see, in their professional and personal lives.

Deirdre is an advocate for life-long learning, and Global Brain Literacy, award winning podcast host, and a sought after collaborator.