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Dr. Thomas Schroeck

Dr. Thomas Schroeck

Founder and CEO, The Natural Gem

Dr. Thomas Schroeck found his passion for gemstones as a child, and over the past 32 years he has built on his dream through establishing The Natural Gem, a company which offers gemstone portfolios as an investment. The office headquarters are in Vienna, Austria, and as The Natural Gem experienced an exponential growth spurt during the pandemic, Dr. Thomas Schroeck had to learn how to manage running a growing business during extremely restrictive governmental measures.

Dr. Schroeck is a big proponent of open communication, prioritises staff upskilling in the forms of education and training, and offers benefits such as free and healthy meals by an onsite chef, gym membership, and ergonomic workspaces and social spaces. As the Founder & CEO of The Natural Gem, Dr. Schroeck envisions an ideal work environment where you can express your individuality and use your strengths in a path of least resistance.