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James Perryman

James Perryman

Managing Director, Momentus

James Perryman brings almost 30 years’ experience in business consulting and delivering change across a breadth of organisations, engaging with leaders and influencing a culture of growth and development.

He is a speaker, trainer and consultant, working with businesses, leaders and professionals to help them discover their potential, shape their ambition and increase their leadership, communication, engagement and performance.

James is a Professional member of the Professional Speaking Association, TEDx speaker liaison and is regularly booked to speak to businesses about understanding and attaining high performance, great communication & collaboration, and high-performance goal setting.

In addition to speaking at events, James works one-to-one with people to increase their self-awareness, productivity, resilience and self-esteem, and runs training courses to a wide variety of clients focussing on communication, management, leadership, high performance and customer excellence.