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Dr Jo Cresswell

Dr Jo Cresswell

The Human BEING Coach, Dr Joanne Cresswell Coaching

Dr Jo Cresswell – The Human BEING Coach is a high performing and highly experienced leader, innovator, coach, and entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience across a range of organisations. Dr Jo is skilled in working across multiple business areas, leading with influence, coaching individuals and teams, and creating powerful, impactful engagement with employees, customers, collaborators, and stakeholders. Having led key organisational and national flagship projects throughout her career, Dr Jo also supports leaders to create lasting transformational change, through evidence-based strategy, human relationships, cross disciplinary collaboration, and powerful engagement. 


As an executive, strategy, and change coach and consultant, Dr Jo works at a deep human level, focusing on people, rather than roles or theories. Through her DARING Mindset and Empathic Pitch frameworks she empowers entrepreneurs, leaders, organisations, and teams to escape the status quo, build strong customer and stakeholder engagement, create innovative, resilient strategies, and gain next level success.