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Kathryn McMann

Kathryn McMann

Director, Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer, Kathryn McMann Consultancy Ltd
United Kingdom

Kathryn McMann has over 20 years in marketing, digital and communication. She works holistically,
considering the whole picture of a business, from building strategies, implementing integrated campaigns,
to teaching digital to c-suite executives, SME owners, through to career jumpers. 

She has a wealth of practical experience, staying on top of evolving technologies and
cutting through the hype to identify what works and what’s wasteful. 

Kathryn is the director of Kathryn McMann Consultancy Ltd, a digital marketing agency, consultancy and
coaching practice; and of Think King Institute- bite-size, expert-led, live digital training, built to get businesses in action fast. 
Clients have included Barclaycard, University of London, Panasonic, and The British Library.