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Keely Woolley

Keely Woolley

Modern Woman
United Kingdom

Keely is an Executive Coach, Trainer and Award Winning Mentor, #1 Best Selling Author & International Inspirational Speaker,
helping Female Executives, Leaders and Entrepreneurs to bounce back from Burnout, without Compromising their Dreams or Career.

She achieves these results, through her "Freedom Transformation Formula" a four stage processs, providing
an Online Programme, Live Masterclasses, Workshops & Retreats. Keely honed & refined strategies, tools & techniques,
following her own personal journey of discovery, and bounce back from full burnout, in early 2020, and her
experience over 25 years, as an Executive Coach, Trainer and Mentor within a Global Corporate Environment.

She now has a mission to see the light shine in at least one person's eyes every day, when they have
their Eureka moment and rediscover their WHY, and realise they don’t have to merely exist, they can be who they truly
are whilst becoming even more fulfilled and successful in life, personally and professionally.