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Kevin Burt

Kevin Burt

CEO, En-Sync 8020 Ltd

Kevin Douglas Burt MSc, PGDip, BEng (Hons)


Kevin’s passion in helping businesses become healthily assisted by his ability to assess complex situations and identify appropriate solutions underscores his ability to gain meaningful insight and follow up with thorough analysis. He is particularly skilled at group facilitation and enjoys forging consensus through people with diverging ideas and opinions.

His main experiences have been derived through his business En-Sync 8020 Business Consulting, He has facilitated several organisations through mergers and acquisitions and embedded people systems and organisational cultures together with maturing systems, processes, and people.  

His skills, knowledge and experience in organisation development, people development and change management, has allowed him to assist clients in developing highly effective, efficient and profitable businesses.


Having found himself in an environment that truly satisfies his need for complexity and people engagement; he now looks to do the same for others