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Kieran Hayes

Kieran Hayes

Founder, Superluminal Software

Kieran is on a mission ' delivering true value at the heart of a business by placing cutting edge technology as a natural companion to traditional business thinking.

With a comprehensive background in Software Engineering within EMEA NASDAQ organisations, IT Systems Management for UK PLCs, he's amassed Computing & Project knowledge spanning 30+ years in the industry 'he was born to be in!'

He formed Oxford based Superluminal, a Microsoft & Xamarin Consulting Partner, almost a decade ago. Leveraging what all competitive businesses will need in 2021 and beyond, Kieran and his team design Advanced Software, Artificial Intelligence and 'Low Code' solutions.

Focussing on Start-up, Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses, his unique & super passionate style is used to apply his extensive knowledge, energy & experience into true digital transformation. Driving organisational performance, delivering tangible improvements across the entire business, and eradicating software risk is what he does best!