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Morgana Marie

Morgana Marie

Master Energy Healer, Wellbeing Advocate and Self Leadership and Intuition Coach, Morgana Marie

Morgana Marie, is 37, based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, Global Speaker, Master Energy Healer, Self-Leadership Coach, Wellbeing Advocate, Psychic Consultant, Medium, Intuition Coach and Mentor. 

She has studied and trained extensively in the field of Holistic Health and Wellbeing, Intuitive Ability, ESP and the science if success and has transformed dynamically in her 14 years of Life and Business Expansion, turning her pains to purpose and leading from example. 

She is dedicated to facilitating and fostering Empathic Leaders, Ambitious, Impact Driven High Achievers, Conscious Companies and Directors who desire to lead with Authenticity, Authority, Alignment and Purpose to Access their natural abilities and use them in a world that needs it. 

She believes that to make our world greater for everyone to achieve and truly be happy, Empathic Leadership is the way forwards and that leading from knowing, energy, confidence, authority and authenticity, we thrive, excel and succeed together and this is what will create global change and transformation.