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Octavian Starr

Octavian Starr

Founder and Director, UNBOXD LTD

Octavian Starr is a trailblazer in diversity and inclusion with over two decades of dedicated expertise. Through his immersive experience empowering trans and gender-diverse communities and their allies across many sectors, Octavian has honed a unique and holistic approach to fostering understanding and inclusivity. His impact resonates through dynamic coaching, immersive training sessions, and compelling public speaking engagements, empowering individuals and organisations alike to champion diversity. From partnering with esteemed charities like Stonewall Housing to advising renowned institutions such as Goldsmiths University, Octavian's commitment to creating supportive environments for all is unwavering. With a rich background working in schools, businesses of all sizes, and with homeless and at-risk LGBTQ+ individuals, Octavian understands not only the necessity of inclusion but also the profound impact on individuals when it is not achieved. Join him in shaping a world where everyone can thrive and flourish.