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Philip Sykes

Philip Sykes

Principal (Founder), The British School of Excellence

The Beacon of Etiquette, Channelling Confidence into Success

Discover the transcendence of etiquette and manners, not merely as social formalities, but as an instrumental framework for building confidence and wielding influence across professional, social, and personal landscapes. The essence of these enduring principles lies in their power to fuel aspirations and transform encounters into opportunities.

Meet Philip Sykes, the personification of global excellence in etiquette training and consultancy. With over twenty-five years of high-calibre engagement, Philip has distinguished himself as a cornerstone for transformative change, meticulously harnessing the elegance of etiquette to foster significant shifts in both personal and professional realms.

In 2013, the inception of what initially emerged as The British School of Etiquette™ and later flourished into The British School of Excellence™ marked a milestone. This institution transcends conventional boundaries, standing as a global crucible for refinement and sophistication. The repertoire of individuals benefitting from Philip's expertise is illustrious, encompassing royalty, diplomats, and celebrities across continents—from the vibrant cultures of China and Brazil to the historical heartlands of Europe and the USA. With an expansive international network of collaborations, Philip's impact reverberates on a global scale.

Philip's seasoned insights extend beyond the confines of the classroom, rippling through the media landscape. His articulate discourses on modern manners have adorned airwaves and columns alike, from BBC Radio and RTL German News to revered publications like The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Wall Street Journal and Gentleman Mexico.

As the pioneering founder and principal of the institution, Philip’s fervour for his craft is palpable. His approach transcends traditional pedagogy, embedding confidence within the essence of each learner, empowering them to pursue their dreams unbridled. This ethos of transformative education propels The British School of Etiquette into a league of its own—being the singular institution of its kind accredited by eminent bodies like CPD, ILM/City & Guilds, and The Institute of Leadership and Management, and hailed as a Centre of Training Excellence.

In the realm of etiquette, Philip Sykes isn’t just a tutor; he’s a journeyman leading individuals to a pinnacle where courtesy breeds confidence, and confidence forges the pathway to success.