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Sian Smith

Sian Smith

Business Coach & Consultant, BAS Consultancy Services Ltd
United Kingdom

An entrepreneur and founder of BAS Consultancy Services Ltd, Sian Smith is on a mission to make outstanding business s
upport accessible to small businesses, empowering them to thrive within their industry, and the wider competitive landscape. 

Her passion for nurturing growth extends beyond the realm of small businesses; Sian is also an accomplished multiple business owner
and has worked with some of the world’s largest corporate brands, providing her with a unique perspective on the challenges and
opportunities that organisations of all sizes face. 

Known for her strategic acumen and hands-on approach, Sian has earned a reputation as a results-driven and people-focused leader.
Her commitment to excellence and her ability to translate vision into action makes her a sought-after business coach, speaker, trainer,
and consultant within the business community. 

With Sian, businesses can expect not only guidance but a true partner in their journey to success.