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Stephanie Camilleri

Stephanie Camilleri

Director, The ADHD Advocate

Stephanie Camilleri, an influential figure in the world of ADHD advocacy and coaching, brings her unwavering commitment and expertise to the forefront. As the founder and Director of The ADHD Advocate, Stephanie is dedicated to equipping individuals with ADHD to embrace their unique strengths, conquer obstacles, and lead lives of fulfillment.

With her extensive knowledge and experience of ADHD coaching and advocacy,  Stephanie has emerged as a respected leader in the field, hosting the UK’s first ADHD Coaching Summit this year. Her personal journey, sparked by her own experiences with ADHD, ignited her mission to make a positive impact on the ADHD community.

Stephanie serves as a passionate champion for ADHD awareness, using her platform to challenge stereotypes and promote a deeper understanding of
neurodiversity. Her speaking engagements are marked by their authenticity, humour, and insightful takeaways. In her upcoming presentation, Stephanie will delve into the transformative potential of ADHD coaching, sharing strategies and anecdotes that illuminate the path to both professional and personal success. With her dynamic and relatable approach, she inspires, motivates, and equips her audience to thrive in the realm of ADHD.

Join Stephanie Camilleri as she continues her mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to unlock their full potential and lead remarkable lives, ADHD and all.