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  • PPWD Consulting Ltd (R243) are working towards a world where there is zero harm to people, and through our work we aim to get everyone home safe, every day. And, we are growing!
  • PPWD Win a Stevie Award!

    14 Oct 2023 Tim Artus
    PPWD Consulting Ltd are announced as The Stevie's Bronze Winners of the Health, Safety & Environment Program of the Year - in Europe award.  
  • PPWD Consulting Ltd become the winners of the Chartered Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) inaugural Demonstrated Impact Award for their work with Southeastern Railways.
  • This blog discusses the importance of embracing neurodiversity at work and gives five strategies to create an inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with neurodivergent conditions.  
  • Master the art of difficult conversations in the workplace. Plan and approach with compassion, empathy, and a collaborative mindset for positive solutions.
  •   To maintain productivity and engagement, employers and managers must address team burnout.  Prevention is key. Follow these suggestions to identify and address burnout as soon as possible.  
  • This article provides 7 clear steps to help business owners translate their vision into a strategic plan of action.  
  • Future-proof your senior team

    16 Sep 2022 Hilary Rowland
    There is a burnout epidemic and now it's time to invest in the health of senior executives for the sake of themselves and their businesses.
  • Pitman Training, the global provider of professional training, that helps individuals and businesses succeed in today's dynamic work environment, will be exhibiting in the Retrain Expo 2023.