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2024 Retrain Expo Seminar Programme

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  1. Seminar Theatre 5

    "Powering up your career with Degree Apprenticeships." Explore the dynamic fusion of academic excellence and real-world experience in our tailored Programmes. As the Head of Apprenticeships at York St John University, my hands-on experience ensures practical insights for your career acceleration within the UK landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your skills and prospects.

  2. Seminar Theatre 5
    Ever launched a business and faced failure?
    Stuck in your venture without a clear path forward? Working tirelessly with no end in sight? I understand – I've
    been there. But everything changed when I uncovered three key drivers. These transformative strategies not only
    turned my business around but also revolutionized my life. Join me as I share these life-altering insights!
  3. Seminar Theatre 5

    Feel like something is missing? Feel stuck or in need of a transition? Join Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author of Why Arent’ You Successful?... Yet;  Odudu 'Emmillio' Inyang, as he shares his journey of asking himself and discovering the answers to the same question his book is named after, whilst giving key insight as to how you can discover and unlock the barriers to your unique definition of success.

  4. Seminar Theatre 5

    Attend this interactive session to hop into a helicopter to explore your people and team landscape! 

    We will adventure together to consider mental models, leadership legitimacy, and the qualities of high performing teams. Jane will share some pragmatic tools for you to take away. 

  5. Seminar Theatre 5

    Better understanding of the human brain opens up new ways to understand and engage with the VUCA world, its challenges, and the people around us. Our ability to learn, change and adapt is influenced by what we know or believe about our brain. Shared Accessible brain concepts make better communication, change, decision making, leadership and resilience possible, at every level of your organisation.

  6. Seminar Theatre 5

    Strengthening your intuitive clarity and capacity not only boosts your wellbeing but also bolsters your confidence in achieving goals by strengthening your innate knowing and foresight of future scenarios. This empowerment extends to your teams and company, amplifying their potential for success beyond conventional boundaries through the nurturing of an environment characterized by openness, creativity, adaptability and visionary innovation. Join this Seminar to learn more about Accessing Intuition for now and future solutions for success. 

  7. Seminar Theatre 5
    This presentation explores the vital concept of trans inclusion, emphasising the need for compassion and empathy towards the trans and gender-diverse community. By recognizing the intersectionality of race, class, and health disparities, we unveil the challenges faced by this community. Through statistical evidence and actionable strategies like advocating for inclusive policies, promoting education, and amplifying trans voices, we can foster a more supportive and inclusive society.
  8. Seminar Theatre 6

    Join this session to become aware of the beliefs that are holding you back from realising your true potential in your career. Leave this session with renewed confidence and steps to create success in your career.

  9. Seminar Theatre 6

    Join a ground-breaking seminar on Understanding the World of Working Parents. Explore how unconscious biases impact parental support within teams, which is often overlooked amidst discussions on race, gender, and sexual orientation biases. Unravel the hidden challenges faced by working parents and learn strategies for fostering inclusivity.  Together, we can bridge the gap between parents being ‘okay’ and needing mental health support, shaping a healthier future for our future generations.

  10. When the people in your business say they’re not always clear on the bigger picture, what is expected of them, or how what they do day to day counts, can you afford to let those comments pass by?

    This engaging session is ideal for businesses and their leaders who want to inspire their people towards a vision, with a plan that allows everyone to bring their unique skills and performance.

  11. Seminar Theatre 5

    Always feeling different, then bringing up a daughter with difference, and how making the small changes can make the biggest impact by using support in inclusivity and mindfulness.

  12. Seminar Theatre 6

    In today's fast-paced world, the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently is a critical skill for any professional. "Mastering Agility: Strategies for Professional Success in the Digital Age" delves into how individuals and organisations can harness lean-agile principles to boost their careers and help businesses grow multi-fold.