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2023 Retrain Expo Seminar Programme

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  1. Seminar Theatre 6

    Ready to unlock untapped sales potential in your business? Join Liesbeth's captivating talk and gain actionable strategies that can double your sales and elevate your entrepreneurial journey.

    Picture yourself confidently communicating, negotiating and closing deals effectively and authentically. No pushy tactics, just genuine connections for consistent business growth. Don't miss this transformative journey with inspiring real-life success stories, enhancing your entrepreneurial skills for a lasting impact in the business world.

  2. Seminar Theatre 6

    Are you “building the ship as you sail”?

    Amidst destabilised professional and social landscapes, leaders must break old patterns, embracing adaptability and flexing their soft skills. Emotional intelligence is key. Join our seminar to learn adaptive leadership, speaking your team's language, and understanding yourself as the catalyst for change. This could be the most powerful 30 minutes of your day – Don’t miss it!

  3. Seminar Theatre 6

    Join Sarah at this valuable and insightful webinar to learn how to take control of the ‘Imposter’ led mindset, the impact this has on our effectiveness & how to develop an unshakeable self-belief which will lead you and your organisation to an explosion of opportunities. Sarah will share her unique 5-step system that helps her clients feel more fulfilled and achieve the success they want and deserve.

  4. Seminar Theatre 6

    This is our story of resilience and how we bounced back during lockdown. How we continued developing the company by employing many young, engaged employees, delivering high quality results during covid through the Government Kickstart Scheme. There was a steep learning curve from many perspectives, while exploring new unknown territory, including authentic leadership while in times of uncertainty in a virtual world.

  5. Seminar Theatre 6

    With 50-70% of people experiencing trauma at some point in their lives, it’s likely that trauma is affecting productivity and retention in your organisation.

    Shrina shares her personal perspective and coaching expertise to help you understand the effects of trauma on employees, supporting you to become trauma aware and create authentic employee-employer relationships.

  6. Seminar Theatre 6
    In this captivating talk, Tom Luke will delve into the world of sales mastery, exploring key strategies to maximise the performance of your sales teams, from effective coaching methodologies to boosting employee retention. Gain valuable insights on how to enhance sales revenue by up to 40%, ensuring your team reaches new heights of success. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionise your sales approach and achieve extraordinary results.
  7. Seminar Theatre 6

    How to achieve maximum productivity with the workplace, increase revenue and enhance the level of well being with employees.

  8. Seminar Theatre 5

    Discover the powerful connection between productivity and burnout prevention at our seminar.
    Unravel the reasons behind burnout and learn how productivity acts as the ultimate antidote.
    By mastering time management, enhancing focus, fostering collaboration, and cultivating a proactive mindset,
    you'll gain greater control over your life. As a result, stress diminishes, and the risk of burnout significantly decreases.

    Join us to unlock a healthier and more fulfilling life through increased productivity.

  9. Seminar Theatre 6
    How to be a hero in your own story. Different approaches to finding purpose including the Japanese concept of Ikigai from the island of Okinawa, what happens when people don’t have a sense of purpose and direction, benefits of finding your Ikigai. Finding what really matters to you, and achieving your potential.
  10. Keynote Theatre 4
    Join Erica Moses-Neacy & Gloria Gaspard members of TfL’s Talent Directorate as they journey through their personal careers and how they use intelligence to map and prepare for the future workforce.
  11. Seminar Theatre 6

    Tap into the power of coaching to transition your career and gain a new sense of confidence and fulfilment.
    Whether you decide to coach yourself or be coached, this session will equip you with practical & insightful techniques
    to gain a crystal-clear vision of your optimal path forward, make informed decisions, seize growth opportunities,
    and develop strategies to become the professional you aspire to be.

  12. Keynote Theatre 4
    The modern world is fast-paced, highly stressful and ever changing. High performing people are likel ...
  13. Keynote Theatre 4
    Do you want to take a data informed approach to your organisation’s wellbeing strategy, but don’t kn ...
  14. Seminar Theatre 5

    Exploring the 5 Key Stages of SME business growth, the core business challenges at each stage and the corresponding
    personal development needed from Owners to both prepare for and successfully navigate through the transitions as the business grows.

  15. Seminar Theatre 5

    Exploring the 5 Key Stages of SME business growth, the core business challenges at each stage and the corresponding
    personal development needed from Owners to both prepare for and successfully navigate through the transitions as the business grows.

  16. Seminar Theatre 5

    The future of on-line training.

    Let’s say goodbye to tired ways of providing on-line training.

    The market is filled to the brim with organisations that offer on-line training but for the last decade they have all missed an opportunity.

    Let’s talk about an alternative to expecting your busy employees to sit in front of a video or a PowerPoint type presentation for an hour.

  17. Seminar Theatre 5

    Establishing a workplace culture to engage multigenerational and diverse talent by equipping leaders with the skills of Emotional Intelligence. What are the Emotional Intelligence Competencies and how they support a culture of psychological safety and inclusion.

  18. Seminar Theatre 5

    Whether you WFH, an office or on the go, if you bring your body as well as your laptop to work, this talk is perfect for you! 


    Learn how to optimise your workstation set-up, myth-bust some common mistakes and discover astronaut science from NASA that helps you here on earth every day. Join this engaging session and be ready to thrive wherever you work!

  19. Seminar Theatre 5
    Rebecca Myers, author of ‘Live Happy: Move, Eat and Relax into being a happier human’ takes us through the science of happiness and the importance of remaining happy through what we do, what we eat and how we think. Come out of this seminar feeling refreshed and with some useful, practical tips.
  20. Seminar Theatre 5

    "Imagine the power of etiquette and manners, not as mere formalities, but as a foundation for confidence and influence. These timeless practices can be the key to unlocking aspirations in business, social circles, and personal life."

  21. Seminar Theatre 6

    Gone are the days when to become a great Google Ads Manager all you needed to do was push buttons and produce a month end report.
    Join this seminar to learn how understanding Google Ads, the marketing ecosystem, the customer journey and conversion tracking
    are all needed for you to become an irreplaceable Google Ads Manager.

  22. Seminar Theatre 6
    Ready to Level Up but hitting a wall? Whether you're pivoting careers, climbing the ladder, or launching your own venture, let's talk FOCUS. You know, that elusive superpower that your brain likes to play hide-and-seek with. Join Mark Channon, a Grand Master of Memory (yeah, it's a thing), as he spills the tea on actionable strategies to banish procrastination, ramp up your learning speed, and skyrocket your productivity.
  23. Keynote Theatre 4

    Penny Harrison is on a mission to empower women to take control of their own well-being and to defy society’s expectations by putting themselves first. From a stay at home mum consumed by unhealthy habits to cope with lockdown, to a co-founder of a business and mental health project manager with two years of sobriety under her belt. Penny shares her story on how she turned her life around and began the career of her dreams.

  24. Keynote Theatre 4

    Illustrating how learning professionals can increase engagement by throwing their slides in the bin, and by doing things a bit differently.

  25. Seminar Theatre 5

    From vision to reality. Navigate from crafting your business vision through daily demands, understanding imposter syndrome,
    embracing change, and achieving ultimate success. Learn to recognise the signs and where to seek and accept support.
    Join us to understand how you can break the cycle on your journey of growth, achieve your vision, and ensure ongoing success.

  26. Seminar Theatre 5
    This interactive seminar session will go through an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) health check for organisations. It will utilise a client case study of an EDI health check, to indicate the types of workplace themes that organisations need to address. Part of the session will be used to answer a training provocation, through unpacking the term diversity and our understanding of “what the diverse in diversity actually means?”
  27. Seminar Theatre 5
    Creating a Worldwide Business Network: The Future of Remote Work delves into the transformative power of remote work. It discusses how businesses can build a global network using remote talent, leading to increased diversity, productivity, and innovation. The talk also highlights the sustainability of remote work, not just as a trend, but as a future model, resonating with businesses interested in tapping into its potential.
  28. Keynote Theatre 4

    Flexible working has transformed our day to day and has changed from being an occasional perk to a must-have benefit often for women. Creating working arrangements that enable employees to strike a better work/life balance is key to attracting and retaining top women talent but also progressing an equitable culture. Join us for this discussion and how Vodafone is driving the gender equality agenda.

  29. Keynote Theatre 4
    After being sacked for needing to work from home one day per week to accommodate my autoimmune disease, I realised that the hiring process is totally broken. We built Flexa to address the lack of transparency in the market, and make it easy to discover companies based on their working environments. This is the story of how we built it, and why.
  30. Seminar Theatre 6

    Join Kathryn McMann for an insightful session on how to transform your team into digital dynamos.
    You will learn how to inspire action and autonomy, to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your team across campaigns. 

    Bring a notebook, you won’t want to miss the main pointers, as well as our free Quick-fire marketing template we’re giving away.

  31. Keynote Theatre 4
    Designed specifically for small business owners and companies, this seminar explores the journey from surviving with ADHD to thriving with ADHD. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique qualities and strengths of ADHD individuals. The seminar will also provide practical guidance on how to revamp work structures, implement effective accommodations, and create a culture that embraces diversity, leading to increased employee engagement, productivity, and overall business success.
  32. Seminar Theatre 6
    The seminar delves into the untapped potential of ADHD individuals and how they can leverage their superpowers to excel in the business world. Attendees will learn about the distinctive characterics and strengeths of ADHD, along with practical techniques for creating an environment that nurtures these abilities. By embracing the interdependence mindset, attendees will discover how to unlock their full potential and achieve success in their work lives.
  33. Seminar Theatre 5
    Ok, so we operate a franchise, but we’ll try not to be biased because a franchise isn’t right for everyone. What we do know
    is there are strengths and weaknesses with each option. Peter Lisney from Utilitrack delves into the options.